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Prof. Don Nutbeam, Vice-Chancellor, Univ. of Southampton; Prof. Dame Wendy Hall, Faculty Dean; Prof. David Payne, Director, Optoelectronics Research Centre; Prof. Nikolay Zheludev, ORC Deputy Director, Director of the Centre for Photonic Metamaterials; Prof. Dan Hewak, ORC; Prof. Rob Eason, ORC; Prof. Peter Ashburn, School of Electronics & Computer Science; Prof. Peter de Groot, School of Physics & Astronomy; research fellows and students: Dr. Nikitas Papasimakis, Dr. Takashi Uchino, Dr. Andrey Nikolaenko, Dr. Kevin MacDonald, Dr. Roger Buckingham, Dr. Stewart Jenkins, Anagnostis Tsiatmas, Dr. Janne Ruostekoski, Dr. Vassili Fedotov, Zsolt Sámson, Jun Yu Ou, Thomas Kälberer, Jianfa Zhang, Dr. Salvatore Savo, Tsung Sheng Kao, Dr. Edward Rogers, Giorgio Adamo, Dr. Kenji Tanaka, Mengxin Ren, Dr. Eric Plum, Tapashree Roy. July 2010.


Metamaterials are manmade media with all sorts of unusual and useful functionalities that can be achieved by artificial structuring smaller than the length scale of light. This innovative and interdisciplinary research programme aims to develop a new generation of switchable and active nanostructured photonic media and to establish Southampton a world-leading centre of research on Photonic Metamaterials. It is hosted by the Optoelectronics Research Centre and involves the university's Schools of Electronics & Computer Science, Physics & Astronomy, and Mathematics. [more]